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Creating One’s Context

Thursday, 30 June 2005, 23:41

Those walls I somehow assumed I would keep between my lives? No.

Not Yet Morning

Sunday, 19 June 2005, 09:38

Late night paths-crossing with Malibu.

Photojournalism and the Power of the Witness

Saturday, 18 June 2005, 21:52

A picture’s worth a thousand words, no doubt. But whose words?


Saturday, 18 June 2005, 10:14

I really need to blog about last night for SF ethnographic prospects, but I also have a bunch of errands to do this morning (including visiting a friend who just got out of the hospital), and I have all my notes in digital audio. I’ll update this afternoon. Here’s hoping nothing happens between now and […]

Coincidence in a Small City

Friday, 17 June 2005, 10:05

A long entry on tensions at the chess plaza, further conversations with Rudolf, and a surprise cameo by Malibu.

Cultural Anthropologist Banished to the Amazon

Thursday, 16 June 2005, 19:20

“My client was delighted. She would much rather work in her field of interest than work in a soup kitchen,” said Lyle Yurko, Heredia’s lawyer.

Listening to Myself

Wednesday, 15 June 2005, 23:19

In listening to my recorded notes, I found I had done something surprising: I had lied.

First Notes from the Chess Plaza

Wednesday, 15 June 2005, 22:25

‘Here, the homeless support the wealthy.’

Vacant Square

Wednesday, 15 June 2005, 13:39

Just finished lunch — tamales from the stand at the farmers’ market at the UN Plaza. I had hoped to play a game of chess, do a little observation, ask some questions (number one question in my mind, right now: Who owns these boards and pieces?), but when I got to the usual chess location […]

You’re Not Crazy; You’re Just Human

Sunday, 12 June 2005, 10:13

If you’re an American, you may have learned, recently, that there’s a good chance you’re crazy. Harvard says so.