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The Awkwardness of Anthropology at Home

Tuesday, 31 May 2005, 17:34

Doing ethnography in my own backyard is no doubt going to be an awkward affair.

Possible Ethnography: San Francisco Streets

Tuesday, 31 May 2005, 16:45

Seems to me that one of the most important things anthropology can do is to humanise one group of people to another group of people. Dehumanisation leads to lynchings, pogroms, and all that nastiness, but also casual, careless wars (does the phrase ‘Can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.’ sound familiar?) and absurdly […]

Voice and Direction (or Why this Blog Sucks)

Monday, 30 May 2005, 23:45

I’m a decent essayist and, I think, a good ethnographer. But on my thirteenth post, I still don’t know how to blog.

Failing to Make Up for Lost Time

Monday, 30 May 2005, 00:47

‘You know… I’ve never really had a good pizza.’

Whether True or False, It’s Just the Wrong Story

Thursday, 19 May 2005, 22:54

How can an unsure invisible man drown out the testimonies of a slew of ex-Gitmo detainees with faces and names?

Booyah… Famous.

Thursday, 19 May 2005, 21:25

The other day, whilst reading Rosie O’Donnell’s free verse r blog, I was wondering what it was that drove the semi-famous to blog. Evidence indicates that I’ll soon be able to answer this question from personal experience:

The Guardian: Honour and martyrdom

Saturday, 14 May 2005, 17:28

“The rate of suicide bombings – the seemingly endless supply of people prepared to blow themselves up – leaves a western audience utterly bewildered. What kind of psychology motivates people to such violent extremes? The incomprehension prompts revulsion that this form of warfare is historically unprecedented and reveals a peculiar, aberrant irrationality – a kind of inhuman madness. All too quickly, Islam is blamed for deluding its believers into martyrdom with promises of 72 virgins; the old prejudices about Islam as a faith uniquely associated with violence and unquestioning belief are fanned into life again…”

The B-Log Has Gone Into Syndication

Tuesday, 10 May 2005, 09:56 — Use it.

On the Untranslatable and the Misinterpreted: Misunderstanding Ghana

Monday, 9 May 2005, 14:14

Why context matters